• We have a modern, fully equipped welding shop and assembly hall, thanks to which we are able to carry out even the most advanced projects.

    Obróbka metali


We carry out all projects: from the smallest to the largest.

The possibility of using a full range of welding technologies (electric, gas, CO2, argon) allows us to perform even the most precise work on all types of steel, including acid-resistant.

Equipped with gantry cranes welding hall gives us the possibility to weld and assemble any type and size of structure.

  • Electron
  • Under flux
  • MAG
  • WIG
  • TIG

We offer

  • Metal machining: water jet, plasma or laser cutting
  • We perform a wide range of machining of our own or customer's materials in the following areas: turning, drilling and boring, milling, planning and chiseling, as well as grinding
  • Quick, cheap and precise cutting of: stone, steel, tiles, wood, plastic or glass
  • We offer a full range of processing any material using high pressure water jet. The efficiency and precision of the service is ensured by the use of modern technology and numerical control of the process.
    • JETEDGE 6200 bar pump
    • equipment with a working area of 2000 x 4000 mm
    • using our technology we are able to cut steel up to 300 mm thick with an accuracy of 0.2 mm
    • the problem of the so-called taper is eliminated

Steel structures, pipelines and (un)pressure vessels

We offer a full range of services and works in the field of steel structures, pipelines and pressure and non-pressure vessels. The company offers investment execution, production and assembly. As a main contractor or subcontractor we carry out investments in the design, installation, modernization and repair of technological installations for the chemical, petrochemical, energy, paper, pharmaceutical, food, shipbuilding and offshore industries, as well as the water treatment and environmental protection sector.